Coinsquare asks that you verify your email address and mobile phone number at the time of registration to ensure security, prevent spam and to confirm that new users are who they say they are!

When registering for a new account, you’ll be asked to input some basic information including your email address. Selecting “Create Account” will automatically send an email to you with instructions on how to proceed. Follow these instructions and you should be taken to the next step, mobile phone verification.

You will need to confirm your mobile phone number at this step in order to continue with registration. Non-Canadian phone numbers may be permitted. If you do not have a mobile phone at all, you will not be able to complete this step, but our Support team can help provide an alternative.

Click “Send confirmation code” and the system will then text you a verification code that you will then input on the next page where it asks you to check your messages. You can always re-send this code as well if you’re finding it difficult to receive the message.

After you verify your phone number, you’ve officially created your account. A couple more steps and you’ll be trading in no time. Welcome to Quick Trade!

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