Since each bank works with their own processing times and procedures, you may sometimes experience an Interac e-Transfer deposit delay. Use this checklist to investigate why your transfer is held up:

1. You may have set a daily limit on Interac e-Transfers that’s lower than the amount you tried to deposit. In some cases, a predefined limit may block your deposit from going through.

2. Confirm that you’ve used your legal name on Quick Trade and that your bank account uses the same name. Interac or your bank may block a request if it’s coming from an account with a different name.

3. There may be a block by Interac or your bank. Some banks require your authorization for release but don’t send out a notification. Calling the bank might help. When you speak to your bank representative, ask specifically if the block was made by Interac.

4. Lastly, if none of the above scenarios work for you, get in touch with us. Use the chat option to let us know that your deposit didn’t come through and we can open up an investigation with our payment processor to understand why your request is held up.

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